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Nature is wild and beautiful. As society continues its ever-increasing inward drive, the need for nature centers has become paramount. Nature is beneficial in its own capacity. It is the duty of every member of society to protect and preserve the sanctity of nature, and that is why nature centers are so beneficial to their local area.


A nature center is a protected piece of land that is staffed by trained professionals to help individuals navigate through nature. These trained professionals are on hand to educate the visitors of local flora and fauna, inform the visitors of the importance of preservation, and present the visitors with a plethora of reasons why the conservation of even small pockets of nature is vital to the overall ecosystem.


An individual’s health can be improved dramatically just by spending time outside. At a nature center, finding oneness with the surroundings can create a level of peace that greatly reduces the stresses of everyday life. Being surrounded by nature, soaking in the sunlight and dappled greenery, helps to boost serotonin levels and the immune system. Higher levels of activity can also help battle the obesity epidemic.


It’s not only adults that benefit from a little outside exploration. According to the author of “Last Child in the Woods” Richard Louv, “nature-deficit disorder” is a contributing factor to ADHD and childhood depression. Children who have access to nature centers have more active imaginations, engage with the world around them, and tend to be more thoughtful to their peers, the world, and their place in it. Daily outside time has led to an increase in problem-solving skills as well as self-confidence. Schools with nature-based programs have seen science test scores rise by nearly 27 percent.


As deforestation becomes common, it’s important to remember that trees and other deep-rooted flora help keep an area from eroding. Trees are important for the air we breathe as they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, and they also help filter underground water for clean, potable sources. Those with little understanding of the outside world and nature have no drive to preserve it for future generations.


Whether it’s the siren call of electronics, the pace of life, or the lack of green space in larger cities, society has begun shutting itself inside. Nature centers strive to combat this inclination by providing spaces where individuals can educate themselves on the natural world. The importance of nature centers is unparalleled.