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Many of today’s kids spend more time inside with screens than previous generations who spent much of their time playing outside. Spring is a great time to get kids outdoors and engage them with nature activities. The children may even find a nature activity they enjoy more than their electronic devices. Most of these activities are meant to be done outdoors, however, an indoor activity is included for a rainy spring day.


Make and Fly a Kite

Flying a kite is an excellent way to take advantage of spring’s windy days. Going out to fly a kite is more exciting when the kids have made the kite themselves with these instructions from Buggy and Buddy.


Have a Kid-Prepared Picnic

Picnics are a classic way to enjoy spring days. Kids can make and pack a picnic lunch that’s appropriate for their age and level of culinary skill. For younger kids, a simple affair with sandwiches and lemonade in the backyard can be fun. Older children may want to go to a park. Martha Stewart has picnic lunch ideas older children can prepare.


Make a Bird Feeder

A nature craft like making a bird feeder can be done indoors on a rainy spring day. Eighteen ways to make a bird feeder are at Growing a Jeweled Rose. After the rain stops, the kids can hang the bird feeder where they can see it from inside the house. Assigning children the duty of filling the bird feeder can help instill responsibility while granting them the unique experience of watching wildlife up close.


Make Nature Art with Sidewalk Chalk

Nature Art incorporates items found in nature like blossoms or leaves with a sidewalk chalk drawing. The Craft Train has photos of Nature Art to inspire young artists. Creating art like this is a great way to interest children in artistic and natural pursuits.


Start a Garden

Gardening teaches kids about where food comes from, how plants grow, and more. Parents with limited gardening experience could start with an easy gardening project like a container herb garden as shown at Frugal Family Home. Container gardening is also great for families who don’t have a yard. Getting a little dirty can be fun for children, and learning how to garden can provide you with beautiful flowers and delicious produce!


Go on a Nature Walk

Walking in the park or the backyard lets kids observe nature’s wonders for themselves. The Fireflies and Mudpies blog shares ideas on helping kids get the most out of nature walks. Even if you aren’t an expert in your local flora and fauna, you can do some research beforehand or reference existing materials to incorporate into the walk.

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