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Though the flower crown craze has certainly died down in recent years, the fashion statement is a fun craft and a great way to appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer. Though many variations suggest using fake flowers made from paper or other materials, using fresh flowers can help you assemble a stunning accessory. Creating a flower crown with fresh flowers is challenging, requires a more delicate touch, and results in a product that does not last long, but you can assemble something beautiful.


Materials Required

To make a flower crown, there are a few items you will need. These include:

  • Craft Wire
  • Grapevine Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Scissors

Your choices of flowers and greenery is entirely up to you, but be sure to select options that complement one another. You should also err on the side of having too much of each material as it is easy to run out, especially if this is your first time making a crown.


Creating the Crown Base

Before you can begin arranging your flowers, you will need to create a base. You can accomplish this by taking your grapevine wire and looping it around your head, leaving a small amount of extra space to account for the flowers. Be generous in your measurements; it is better for the crown to be too big from the start rather than too small.

Once you have measured this circumference, you should cut off the excess wire and twist the ends to secure the loop.


Greenery Layer

In many cases this layer is optional, but adding a layer of simple greenery can grant a more naturalistic look to your crown and help secure the flowers. Bending and twisting pieces of greenery like ivy, myrtle, or eucalyptus adds dimension to the crown. You will need to secure the ends of the greens using floral tape.


Flower Bunches

You can make this step easier by assembling bunches of flowers to attach to the crown. You should try to maintain a pattern or theme based on color or flower type; doing so will ensure your crown is aesthetically pleasing. It can be tempting to incorporate large, prominent flowers into your crown’s design, but be careful; the heavier the flower, the more difficult it will be to attach.



Once you have attached your flowers, you will likely notice some spots on the crown that appear somewhat barren. You can remedy this unsightly appearance by weaving in small, subtle flowers like baby’s breath or feverfew.


Flower crowns are great for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries. Making your own crown using fresh flowers is a great use of nature’s offerings.


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