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Podcasts have become a popular form of entertainment; convenient for long commutes or downtime, podcasts are a great way to learn and be entertained. The number of topics addressed in podcasts is nearly infinite, and for the nature lover, there are many podcasts available to sate your desires for quality entertainment. If you are a nature lover, give these shows a listen. With such a wide range of topics, there is something here for everyone.


Nature Photography Show

Do you love nature photography? This bimonthly podcast discusses everything on the subject for hobbyists and professionals alike. Whether you like capturing wildlife, waterscapes, landscapes, or nighttime nature shots, hosts Jason Elridge and Beth Ruggiero-York cover it all. They also give listeners the scoop on the newest tools and gear you’ll need to capture nature’s beauty behind the lens.


The Nature Podcast

Popular journal Nature covers science topics ranging from astronomy to zoology. Each episode of this podcast highlights the most exciting stories from each issue of the journal. By interviewing the scientists behind the research as well as the journalists and editors who brought the stories to life, this show gives you a deeper look into what’s happening in the natural world of science today.


Nature’s Voice

If you have a passion for birds and animals, give Nature’s Voice a listen. This podcast’s monthly show features interviews with experts and interesting news stories about wildlife around the world. Whether you want to learn about an exotic, far-off place or your own backyard, they have probably covered it.



This show is a must for anyone who loved the PBS documentary series “NATURE.” The podcast goes behind the scenes of the films, providing updates on animal subjects, interviews with the filmmakers, and chats with experts on the documentaries’ topics. Even if you haven’t watched the documentary series, this podcast is sure to delight any nature lover.


Field Notes From The Montana Natural History Center

Of all the podcasts on this list, this one has perhaps the widest variety of topics. Episodes cover subjects that are both seasonal and nature-related. For instance, a winter episode discusses why no two snowflakes look identical, while a summer episode addressed fires during the dry season. Anyone interested in the science and wonders of the natural world should consider tuning in to this podcast.



For those who like podcasts with more of a storytelling element, HumaNature shares true stories about peoples’ experiences with nature. Each episode brings listeners a real tale of a someone’s interaction with the great outdoors, then reflects on how humans fit into the natural world. This is a great podcast for those who enjoy stories and for those who want to think about broader philosophy and relations with the environment.