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Gretchen Reuter

Nature, gardening, natural beauty

gretchen reuter

follow the adventure of beauty…

Gretchen Reuter loves beauty, her family, adventure, and the wonder of the world. Follow her blog as she talks about beauty, life, and the things in between.

Gretchen Reuter is a lover of natural beauty. To many who know her, this comes as no surprise, as she has built a career off of surrounding herself amongst such things. She is the Director of Operations at Leys, Christie & Co. Inc, a specialty pearl business originally founded in 1896. Gretchen’s grandfather bought the business from one of the original owner’s grandsons, and it has thrived under their possession ever since.

Gretchen’s work in specialty pearls derives from her fascination with natural and untouched beauty. She is a lover of things that come from nature and is passionate about the renewing beauty that the world presents. For Gretchen Reuter, the natural beauty of the outdoors presents the truth that things can be renewed and beauty is often found in the little things that people often overlook. In addition to her work with Leys, Christie & Co. Inc, Gretchen is also the President of Essential Potions, an essential oils business she started in 2017. The venture that started as a way to enhance the health of her friends and families has since grown into a budding small business.

Gretchen studied Art History at Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York. While there, she nurtured her love for beauty, nature, and art.  She wrote her senior thesis on Saint ORLAN, the provocative French artist known for a variety of progressive, eye-catching works. During Gretchen’s time studying Art History, she noticed one vital component to the beauty of so much still life paintings and photography; that of the beauty and importance of floral design in each respective artwork. For many, the beauty of still life is not just in the beauty of the rendition but in the precision and intricacies with which the still life is arranged. Long to venture ever deeper into the joy of natural beauty and art, Gretchen Reuter decided to attend Rittner’s School of Floral Design, one of the longest-running programs of its time.

For Gretchen, her work in specialty pearls, essential oils, and floral design are all in pursuit to grow deeper in connection with the world’s natural beauty and how it can enhance the human experience.

In addition to her professional life, Gretchen Reuter has also spent much of her life engaged in athletics. Growing up, she played tennis, soccer, and was a swimmer and diver, as well. She was trained in Platform Tennis by a number of nationally ranked athletes, including Amy Shay. Most recently, Gretchen won the 2017 championship for Platform Tennis in her hometown – which also happens to be the birthplace of the sport.

Be sure to check back as Gretchen Reuter explores the endless adventure of natural beauty, the redeeming power of joy, and meditations on her current thoughts.

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